Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Evening everyone.  I've had a busy day, and just taking a wee minute to post another of the pages I completed on the weekend. 
This morning I spent most of it in my sons class.  At recess time I moved to the kindergarten room to help out with their memory pages.  In a week and half our school is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  All the students are making a page of their most memorable moment at the school.  Then they will be put up on the wall the day of the celebration.  After lunch my sons class had their last swimming class, so it was off to the pool.  After school my daughter had violin, then home for supper and off to badminton with the little guy.  Tomorrow swimming starts, so the next nine weeks are busy.  The weekend is my daughters sleepover for her birthday.  Maybe Sunday I'll have time to relax. 

Back to my page.  This was done for Page Maps.  This is our lovely dog Fenn.  She is the watch dog for the family.  Our great protector.  The little dog prints were quit a chore to do.  They are a tiny punch, that was very hard the thumbs to punch, and each toe is separate.  But look good when finished. 

Here is the sketch. 

Happy crafting ;o)

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