Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rainy day

Awhile back I put all my stamps in a binder. I don't have alot of space, and I wanted them all together. I stamped the image onto white cardstock, then placed the stamp on a piece of film used for overhead projectors. I then slid it into a page protector. That works great, but when your looking for a stamp to do a project, you have to get the binder out and sometimes the stamps are hard to tell what they are, especially the words. So I saw a while back on someones site(don't even know who's it was a day I was just surfing for ideas) a book they had stamped all their stamps in. So it's taken me a couple of week to do this. I had a small scrapbook just laying around, and I stamped an image of all my stamps in it. Now all I have to do is looking through this one when I'm designing my cards.
It has rained here all day. I have laundry to do of course (it's Sunday). I haven't even gotten out of my PJ's today. The kids are board today they can't go outside. They have pulled all the couchons off the couch downstairs to make a fort on it. Along with all the extra bankets they have in their rooms. THEY have to clean it up.
Have a great rest of your weekend

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