Thursday, August 13, 2009

My first scrapbook challenge

This is my first try at a scrapbooking challenge. When I received my e-mail for this months pagemaps, I checked out the blog as usual. As soon as I saw the sketch for the challenge I new what picture to use. The paper was a different story. After searching through all my paper I found a nice blue-green color, only to turn it over and find this piece on the other side. While trying to figure out where to cut it, I decided I just couldn't cut it, and used it the way it was. I add some bling to it and this is my take on the challenge.
Have a great day ;0)

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Stacy Milford said...

LOVE that photo! & I'm LOL on this end...I created a page for this sketch contest too, & when I started my layout I was using this very same paper, but I started with this side, then decided it was too busy, so flipped it over & used the blue/green side. You made it work perfectly! Welcome to the world of online scrappy challenges...I am so addicted :0)