Saturday, August 8, 2009

Get Well

Good weekend to everyone. I have a three day weekend. My dad took the kids camping for the weekend, so I gave my hour away for today so Randy and I could have the whole weekend to get stuff done around the house and have some quiet time to ourselves. We started tiling the bathroom floor last night. I has to be done in three sections. Only to make it convinient to still use the toilet. As you can't walk on the tiles tile the glue is dry. So there won't be much card making going on. But I plan to try to squeeze at least one card in. I'm sure he can't stay away from his RC car all weekend.
Well to the card. Last weekend my uncle had a mild stroke. He is back home now. Doing better. Bad me I haven't been out to see him. But I did do this nice card for him. Hope to deliver it this weekend.
Have a great day ;0)

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